Values & Skills

Pleasurable products transcend the sum of features that it contains. Appealing brands provide more than just a logo. Brands can build intimate relationships with their customers when capable of reflecting identity and satisfying both functional and emotional needs. Realizing emotionally rewarding products that become embedded in people’s daily rituals, that’s what I aim for when conducting research and design. I use visual media to grasp and explicate customer value, mobilizing ideas that are inspired by users, market, and technology. This enables me to sensitize corporate environments for thoughtful and invigorative innovation strategies.

Educational background

I started the Bachelor of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology in the summer of 2004, followed up by the Master of Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology. The bachelor was Interaction-Design oriented, in which I learned to include customer-research in concept development, resulting in products and services with rich usage-experiences. During the Master of Strategic Product Design I acquired knowledge on improving commercial viability, working on real cases in close collaboration with enterprises. The combination of these two studies offered me the opportunity to acquire a unique set of skills and to operate on the intersection of different disciplines, combining NPD, marketing and project management.

Personal Qualities and interests

I feel great interest for digging into contexts of use, researching user-needs and desires that are deeply rooted in consumer behavior,  in which I am able to reveal values that are both important for users and enterprises. This exploration has proven to be a solid foundation for the development of innovation road maps, which allows the generation of successful new products service combinations. I enjoy the visualization process. I learn by creating. By making use of various forms of expression I am able to propose design solutions and convey strategic intent. Sketches, Mood Boards, 3D Renderings, models, but also animations are part this design process.


Front End Innovation Process, Concept Development, Customer Research, Explicating & Visualizing Customer Value, Creating Value-in-Use, Design Visualizations (inc. sketch, 3D, animation), Connecting NPD- & Marketing Efforts.