Vision and Ambition

A pleasurable product transcends the sum of features that it contains. An appealing brand provides more than just a logo. Brands can build intimate relationships with their customers when capable of reflecting identity and satisfying both functional and emotional needs.

Realizing emotionally rewarding products that become embedded in people’s daily rituals, that’s what I aim for when conducting research and design.

As a strategic product designer I am specialized in the development of new products and services with rich user-experience, where brand values and customer needs intersect. In this design process I match analytical thinking with creative doing: sketches, scenarios, mood boards, animations and probes are forms which allow me to explicate the optimal user-experience through various levels in the organization.

I love getting in touch with customers, digging into contexts of use, exploring the potential of smart technologies and revealing customer needs that are deeply rooted in consumer behavior. As such, I am able to connect NPDs and marketing efforts, resulting in brand-building concepts with customer-oriented reasoning.