Design Approach

In my endeavor of creating emotionally rewarding products and services, I have three design/research activities that characterize my design approach:

1. Customer-driven innovation
I always strive to gain deep understanding of the end-user and the context of use. Applying qualitative research methods such as field observations, cultural probes, contextual inquiries and interview sessions enable me to reveal latent emotional and sensorial needs that are deeply rooted in consumer behavior. These insights are the foundation for innovations that establish new customer-value.

2. Brand Value Development
A brand becomes meaningful for people when it resonates personal values and helps to achieve personal ambitions.  Developing the brand promise is the starting point for setting solid directions for innovation and provides a valuable source of inspiration in idea generation sessions.

3. Visual Communication
Excellent concepts fulfill both end-users needs and the brand promise. By applying my design skills I can develop plans for communicating the brand promise in a consistent way in all relevant touch points between brand and end-user.