Creating fully customized toys

Project Free Form Modeling & Prototyping
Period Master Year 2, Semester 1

The development of 3D Printing technologies leads to new design opportunities, as it dramatically decreases required investments and time to set up a production cycle. This makes 3D Printing technology very suitable for zero production and the production of small series. So, if you want to produce millions of Happy Meal gifts, 3D Printing is not your way to go. But for visual mock-ups in design projects, customized jewelry and highly specialized medical equipment, 3D Printing is a very appropriate solution. This model is created with Rhinoceros, which is a type of NURBS modeling. This software offers a larger degree of freedom in creating very organic shapes like double curved surfaces, which enables me to create more complex objects. The level of detail that can be reached by means of 3D printing is getting better as time evolves; meaning that more sophisticated models can be produced. The model below is produced by means of SLA. The model only is 4.5 centimeters long and less than 1.5 centimeters in height; it would fit on the top of your finger easily. 3D Printing offers the possibility to create models with microscopic details.

The product that I modeled in Rhinoceros is inspired by the OEX concept truck, designed by Hamid Reza Bekhradi in collaboration with Fiat Professional Design Center and Iveco Styling Office. The design is a future concept for ‘overland trucks’, suitable for overland expeditions over rough terrain.