Care with a sense of home

Project D.E Professional Health Care Solutions
Year 2013
Client Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems

The Care Market is undergoing considerable change and restructuring, mainly forced by governments to keep our health spending within manageable budgets. Privatization processes require hospitals to work more efficient, compete for customers more proactively and to generate new sources of revenue. As a result, a thoughtful patient-experience becomes essential.

Hospitals put more effort in attracting patients by enhancing the patient experience. Small things matter when it comes to patient experience, and coffee can make a meaningful difference as being the ultimate symbol of hospitality.

By conducting observations and interview sessions with patients, visitors and hospital staff, I was able to get insight in daily routines that take place within the hospital setting. In these routines, we could identify ‘experience gaps’: Moments on which patients’ and visitors’ (tacit) needs remain unsatisfied, leading to dissatisfaction and stress.

All design opportunities are displayed in a patient journey, which is the sequence-overview of experiences that patients and visitors have when visiting a hospital.