How design can contribute to behavioral change

Project Final Bachelor Project
Period Bachelor Year 3, Semester 2
Client Eskes Event Cleaning

Products can persuade. This means that products can stimulate its users to conduct a certain type of behavior. In this project, focus was fixed on designing a litter bin that encourages festival visitors to throw their garbage away in a decent way, in the litter bin, which resulted in the prototype that is displayed below, the Boogie Bin. The design of feed-forward signals (including sound signals, music, lighting) and appropriate design-styling elicits curiosity among people that pass by. Feedback signals, containing music and spectacular lighting, were designed to reward festival visitors for throwing garbage in the bin. Throwing away litter actually becomes fun.

User tests with the prototype revealed that the Boogie Bin draws the attention and incites people passing-by to throw litter inside. As such, it collects more garbage than regular waste bins.