Syncaffé, synchronizing coffee pleasure at work

Project Social Cohesion Design
Period Master Year 2, Semester 2
Client Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems
Team S. Khatibi, N. Findik, B. klein Hemmink

Communities thrive on diversity. It is the intersection of different perspectives that lead to new insights. Coffee plays an important role in these social processes. It can be seen as the ultimate excuse that provides the opportunity for people to meet up with each other. As such, Douwe Egberts can contribute to social cohesion by setting up an infrastructure that supports dialogue and encounter at work. Syncaffé does this. It helps to establish a sense of connectedness among colleagues who work in physically separated areas. By using Syncaffé, people can express their working status, get updates from their colleagues in a non-obtrusive way and join meetings non-restrictively.